Marcus Brown

Songwriter, podcast host, and avid blogger, Marcus Brown sure is a "swell guy." His new record GO LET GO is already "making waves like the ocean crashing against the beach," says local random guy speaking to no one in general. His podcast Make My Day is "Incredible," according to one Wikipedia coauthor. You're sure to "love" Marcus, says TV commercial announcer guy...


I'm back at the Morgan stop off the L. This time as a resident. Going to copy some keys at Empire Lock.  

I'm ready to get to work. The last week consisted of driving 25 hours, a wedding, two full days of Rosh Hashanah celebrations, and what might just be a brown recluse bite.  

Im gonna go ahead and spare your eyes the visual evidence.  

For the first time, last night, I was told "Welcome to New York." 


Perpetual Copyright Marcus Brown forever until MJ buys it out from under me...