Marcus Brown

Songwriter, podcast host, and avid blogger, Marcus Brown sure is a "swell guy." His new record GO LET GO is already "making waves like the ocean crashing against the beach," says local random guy speaking to no one in general. His podcast Make My Day is "Incredible," according to one Wikipedia coauthor. You're sure to "love" Marcus, says TV commercial announcer guy...

I'm Marcus 

I make things


I remember when I was being born, my Mom said "Wow, this one sure is going to be a great kid." It turns out she was right. Some of my more impressive qualities include but are not limited to: lifting weights irregularly, driving competently, eating dinner without spilling on my shirt, as well as many other things that I can not currently recall because of my blistering coffee headache.
So you see, now it all makes sense...
I make music, write blogposts sporadically, and host the podcast known to the world as Make My Day. I like long walks on the beach, but I haven't had one in a while. If I had a horse I would set it free, because that's just the type of guy I am. 
"If I had a dog, I'd probably keep it though because dogs are just way more practical for the life of a modern man. For example you can take the dog with you to lots of places, even airplanes. Horses, not so much. You try showing up with a Clydesdale at the airport and tell me what happens. I'm not even gonna have this argument."
Anyway, you might be wondering why I do what I do. Is it because I want love? Is it because I need acceptance? Good question...
My intention, and my project, is to approach the most genuine version of myself while holding in balance my love and respect for the world around me. Part of my approach is play, the other part sincerity and reflection. I exercise this process through creation. What's the point of creating something if not to share?
And so, I hope you join me in a quest to uncover my own honesty in hopes of helping you with yours.
All The Best,


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Perpetual Copyright Marcus Brown forever until MJ buys it out from under me...